New Taxonomy of Illusions - Animation and digital drawing exhibition

New Taxonomy of Illusions - Animation and digital drawing exhibition
Júlia Farkas, Melinda Kádár, Zsuzsanna Kreif
Sound installation by József Iszlai

Júlia Farkas, Melinda Kádár and Zsuzsanna Kreif are internationally renowned animation directors and multiplatform artists, and the Ancora Art Gallery exhibition is the first time their works are shown together.
The New Taxonomy of Illusions exhibition is a visual vision of free association,
three animation artists in a unique world, where
various intense and futuristic scenes are built on each other. Humorous characters, fantastical places, transforming figures, changing physical states and mythological symbols come together in this surreal world.
The exhibition reflects on the constant reinterpretation of the perception of reality and the
constantly reviewing our changing illusions, as current events
to fictional locations, giving new perspectives to insights.
In the works, the boundaries between individual and collective experience are blurred, and the limits of separateness and separation seem to dissolve.

Júlia Farkas is an animation director, character designer and multiplatform artist. Her work creates a unique visual universe, boldly using different platforms and experimenting with new technologies. With a unique atmosphere and humour
Giphy's profile has 21 million views and he has worked with brands such as Warner Bros, Adult Swim and MTV.

Melinda Kádár is an animation film media artist, frequent collaborator of animated audiovisual installations, author of award-winning experimental short films. Melinda
at the heart of his work, contradiction is tirelessly at work: pushing the boundaries, but also the Platonic ideals of goodness, truth and beauty.
respect for.

Zsuzsanna Kreif animation film director, illustrator. Her diploma film, Zétényi
Limbo-Limbo Travel, co-directed with Bori, at several international film festivals
and won awards, including Oscar qualification. Humour is important in his work, with an ironic response to the often alarming phenomena around us,
surrealistically detached from reality.

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